Thematic Areas

children studying

The organization works with diverse pastoralists settings including women, youth, people with disabilities, People living with Aids (PLWA’s) and other minority groups.

The organization addresses interventions in the areas of:

  • Improve and enhanced Agricultural output.
  • Access to basic health care and emergencies.
  • Access to basic education and material support.
  • Water and sanitation.
  • Environmental conservation and mitigation.
  • Peace building and conflict resolution.
Agriculture farming NRO

Carry out interventions where farmers will grow crops when climatic conditions are favorable and climate smart crops  thus enhance and promote food security among pastoralist communities aimed at alleviating poverty and hunger.


To mobilize funds and sensitize communities to ensure effective access to basic healthcare from government health facilities while supporting diverse areas such as Ante-natal care, MCH, Immunizations ( Polio, TB, Measles, Tetanus etc), PMTCT, HIV/Aids awareness/mitigation and other emergency services.

To provide material support to health facilities such as supplementary essential drugs and supplies, beds and beddings, mosquito nets and cleaning items for the wards in order to enhance access to basic healthcare by all.

School children

To build classrooms, provide scholarships and scholastics materials to the needy pastoralist communities.

To sensitize the pastoralist communities access free primary and secondary education in Kenya through Community Education Volunteers (CEV’s) providing material support on the same.

Water NRO

To initiate water projects for the pastoralist communities to access clean water by working with local governments by establishing boreholes/shallow wells, water tracking systems for dire situations and where necessary establishment of community water users associations.

To initiate sanitation program in schools and education institutions by sensitizing on epidemics/pandemics, hand wash programs and cleaning events.

closeup hand of person holding abundance soil with young plant in hand   for agriculture or planting peach nature concept.

To work with pastoralist communities on environmental conservation and mitigation by carrying out measures such as tree planting seasons in schools and residential areas, weeds eradication and managements to open spaces for farming along the river banks.

We initiate environmental conservation initiatives for facilitating collections and proper waste disposal mechanisms and draining of sewers to reduce air, water and vector borne diseases.


To initiate peace interventions for peaceful and harmonious living between the communities while working with the government machinery as part of good governance by organizing civic education forums through which communities are educated.